Protect your two-wheeled investment

Corroded chains, stuck cables, and pitted disc brakes wreck your ride and your bike. Bike Jacket is an easy, simple way to protect your bike from the elements that could damage it.

Avoid road crud

Bikes are often on the back of a vehicle being transported somewhere. Driving along the road less traveled can be great—but what dirt and gravel do to bike components is no good.

No more hassling with offhand solutions

Hey, we’ve been there and done that. We’ve messed with plastic bags that flew off on the road and other crazy mishaps. You want to spend your time biking and not hassling with protecting your bike on the road. That’s why we created Bike Jacket! Easy, fast and effective.

45NRTH traveled thousands of miles with Bike Jackets this past winter, and we were very happy to not worry about the snow, freezing rain, and road salt destroying the precious components on our fat bikes. It was great to not have to replace our drivetrains this year!



Bike wheels and components are expensive and a Bike Jacket is a great way to protect your investment.  Not only is it good for Winter but will also get plenty of use during the transitional periods during the Fall and Spring when the roads can get a bit messy.

Chris Chavie

MN Bike Trail Navigator

I just had $400 in repairs done to my bike because of winter road crud. I’m excited to see the new Bike Jacket and purchased it with no hesitation. No more costly repairs!

Tom Hagerty


  • Designed with quality and durability in mind.
  • Easy zipper pulls for cold hands
  • Clear windows for brake lights
  • Built-in tire stud protector
  • Handcrafted in the USA

Bike Jacket was developed by bicyclists from northwest Wisconsin
who would rather ride bikes than clean bikes

Unzip your Bike Jacket and hit the trail!

Mountain Bike Radio

Fat Bike Birkie Experience

Amy Middleton, creator and owner of Bike Jacket
and her friend Wendi Lindenmuth headed out to the Fat Bike Birkie to check out the action, watch some athletes, talk about Bike Jacket, and enjoy the scene. Wendi is creator and owner of
Healing Forward Together and Creative Healing Community. Listen in as they chat about Bike Jacket, the area, and more. 3/27/19

The Danger Gnome Podcast

by | Sponsored by Bike Jacket

The Danger Gnome Podcast – December 2019 – Ask Adam – Gary Crandall – Sam Foos – with Fatbassador Travis on the DG Afterparty.

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See the Bike Jacket

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Amy at the Polk County Information Center