Aren’t Bikes supposed to get dirty?

Well, yes, most dirt is fine, but not salt. Cable locking, parts corrosion and rusting are results of salt and road grime. It’s expensive to have bikes overhauled.

As one person said to us “Having road salt sprayed onto your bike is like hitching your bike to a submarine and sending it into the ocean for a week.”

Will Bike Jackets get messy?

Yes, your Bike Jacket will get messy and that’s what should happen. All that crud is being stopped before it can get on your bike and cause rust and corrosion. They can be easily hosed off both inside and outside. Use a soft cloth and window cleaner on the “glass” if desired.

How Should I store Bike Jacket?

Store dry Bike Jackets flat or rolled up, never folded. Do not store your bike zipped inside your Bike Jacket – open it up so both can air dry fully to avoid moisture build up.

What about Brake Lights Visibility?

This is an important safety consideration. Bike Jackets are designed with a clear window so brake lights and turn signals are visible. Safety is key so make sure you align bike(s) so brakes show through the clear windows. Make sure to remove snow and dirt from the window.

Can I get ones without the clear window?
Yes, and this could be an ideal option if you use a roof rack or bikes are riding in the back of a pickup truck. Just contact us for pricing.

Flapping and Acting like a Sail, highway Travel

Because we know bikes are hauled at highway speeds, we have designed Bike Jacket to fit snuggly and not flap like a sail. We didn’t want any rubbing to occur on the bike frame or be flapping around noisily. It is also a two part system to allow for more air flow.

Will this work on my rack?

Bike Jackets are designed to work on both hanging and tray style racks. Some racks may need an extra safety strap due to wind resistance—know your rack.

How do I clean it after putting a muddy bike in a Bike Jacket?

Some people use Bike Jacket to protect their cars from mud and grease when they haul bikes inside a car. Simply hose it off or scrub for tougher dirt. Be sure to line dry open and never store a wet Bike Jacket.

Is it worth the investment?

Corroded chains, stuck cables, and pitted disc brakes wreck your ride and your bike. Bike Jacket is an easy, simple way to defend your bike from the relentless elements that cause this damage.

We are committed to producing a high-quality, Made in USA, product. In fact, Bike Jacket is manufactured by a Minnesota company specializing in the top-quality, cold-hardy fabrics that help make Bike Jacket so tough. Our careful, road-tested design integrates durable zippers and hand crafted workmanship with attention to detail. All to protect your investment.

Can I use my studded tires inside a Bike Jacket?

Yes, we have installed a heavy duty liner inside the jacket to protect the jacket.